Womens Leadership in Nepal November/December 2019

Sacred Music in Nepal February 2020

Sacred Journeys Nepal

Once upon a time travel was something extraordinary. To travel was to be a true explorer, a pioneer, a pilgrim. It was done perhaps once in a lifetime if at all, and was only for the very wealthy or the very brave. Nowadays you don’t need to be particulary wealthy to travel, but to truly leave behind the familiar, to embark on something you couldn’t imagine, to connect with people and cultures completely different to what you’ve known – perhaps we still need to be brave.

Nepal is a place that inspires It can break your heart open – in good ways, reminding you what you most deeply value in life. It ignites sparks you didn’t know were there. Imagine the Himalayas in cloud – there are moments when the clouds part, and suddenly everything becomes clear. The majesty of the mountains mirrors the majesty you glimpse in yourself, in the people you meet, in the ancient but rapidly moderinising culture, in the chaos and the calm.

Sacred Journeys Nepal is a family run Australian/ Nepali business. We offer trips each year that draw out your creativity, connect you to the people, and remind you of the sacred and extraordinary privilege that it is to be a traveller. We also organise bespoke individual and small group tours tailored around your needs and interests.

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19 August 2018