Sacred Music in Nepal

6th – 17th February  2020

An immersion in sacred music in one of the most majestic landscapes in the world.

Come to Nepal with master musicians Dr Kim Cunio and Heather Lee, who have made it their life’s work to explore sacred music from around the world.

Daily gentle yoga, meditation and good food will accompany Kirtan singing and devotional chanting of the great traditions with a special focus on Hindu and Sanskrit texts. This retreat will suit beginners and established singers alike as the purpose is to integrate chanting and vocal awareness into our inner life. We will visit the great sacred sites of Nepal including singing at the Birthplace of the Buddha. We will have musical exchanges with locals in village schools, old people’s homes, visit temples and monasteries and meet master musicians of Nepal.

Bring your voice, your instrument, or simply your love of music. All levels very welcome, whether you are a closet shower singer, professional musician, or someone who believes they missed the musical boat but now wants to climb aboard.  This will be an unforgettable time in your life. Family friendly.

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About Kim Cunio and Heather Lee:

Dr Kim Cunio and Heather Lee are a unique musical duo. Heather is an award winning opera singer whose vocal power and control are amazing to behold, while Kim is a composer who has researched and brought back to life sacred and traditional music from around the world. They are scholastic, transformative and transfixing in performance. Their work has been commissioned by  the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Art Gallery of NSW, the ABC and music festivals; and their music has been played around the world.